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Shawn founded Ontronics in 2000 while studying business management at the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to founding Ontronics, he held an internship position at Nortel in Richardson; a part of his responsibilities included testing of mobile devices for the CDMA network. From there, Shawn joined Sprint PCS where he held a sales position in their small business sales group. While at Sprint, Shawn achieved several top performance awards given by the company, which led to an opportunity to start his own Sprint sales dealer program in Dallas. With the tremendous growth in mobile phone users, Shawn immediately envisioned secondary markets for used mobile phones. Shortly thereafter, Shawn launched Ontronics. Today, Shawn has successfully led Ontronics to a worldwide leader in secondary mobile device monetization.


Vice President

Sochita has been a part of the Ontronics family since 2006. As Vice President, Sochita oversees the company’s finance operations. In addition, she plays a vital role in the daily management operations of the company, initiating several innovative programs which has fueled the growth of Ontronics. Prior to joining Ontronics, Sochita held various management positions with Wells Fargo. During her 5-year tenure with Wells Fargo, she received many leadership awards for her excellent performance. Sochita attained her graduate degree from the business school at the University of North Texas.


Vice President – Sales

Jesse had been part of the Ontronics family since 2004. As Vice President of Sales, Jesse leads the company’s global sales team. During his time at Ontronics, he has been involved in everything from supply chain and vendor management to procurement, budget development, strategic planning, contract negotiating, and analytics. Prior to Ontronics, Jesse spent several years in accessory monetization. Jesse holds both an undergraduate degree in Telecomm Engineering from Bangalore University and an MBA from the University of Bridgeport.


Vice President – Business Development

Brian, a.k.a. BK, joined the Ontronics family in 2017. As Vice President of Business Development, BK leads the company’s global initiatives for procuring used mobile device product. BK has a sincere passion for cultivating quality, long-term relationships with the company’s wireless carrier, OEM, and other strategic business partners. Prior to Ontronics, BK spent over 20 years in the wireless industry in various field sales leadership roles and several years in big box retail leadership. He earned a BS in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and holds a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership and Pastoral Ministry from Grand Canyon University.


Director – Business Developement (Asia)

Ross joined the Ontronics Family in 2010. At Ontronics, Ross is focused on business development in our Middle-East & Asia markets. Prior to joining Ontronics, he was involved in a successful logistics company. Ross attained his graduate degree from the business school at the University of Texas at San Antonio.


Director – Sales (Hong Kong)

Faisal joined the Ontronics family in 2010. At Ontronics, Faisal leads our Hong Kong team. Prior to joining Ontronics, he held a chief interpreter position at Hong Kong TransLingual Services. Faisal attained his graduate degree from the University of Portsmouth, UK.


Director – E-commerce

Wess joined the Ontronics family in 2017. At Ontronics, Wess leads the company’s e-commerce initiatives. Prior to Ontronics, he spent over 15 years in the telecommunications industry. Wess holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications from Cal-State Hayward.


Accounting Manager /Sales

Monika joined the Ontronics family in 2015. At Ontronics, Monika is primarily focused on assisting day-to-day accounting and shipping requirements. Additionally, she is a part of our dynamic sales team. Prior to Ontronics, she worked with Royal Bank of Scotland for two years. Monika holds a master’s degree in Business Administration.


General Manager

Mohammed T. Arif joined the Ontronics family in 2011. At Ontronics, Mohammed leads the cadence and execution of the day-to-day operations of the facility team. Prior to Ontronics, he held a senior associate position with General Motors of India LTD Purchasing Department. Mohammed attained his MBA in Finance & HR from Bangalore University, India.


Technical Director

Fassy joined the Ontronics family in 2004. At Ontronics, Fassy leads our technical research and development team, and has spent numerous hours studying quality to advance the quality standards for the company. He attained his graduate degree from the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka.


Senior Analyst

Ricco joined the Ontronics family in 2018. At Ontronics, Ricco is responsible for analytical and functional oversight as well as project management of the company’s operations. Prior to Ontronics, he spent 10 years in various roles leading and facilitating communication of best practices, policies, and operational risk through test creations and adhoc reporting.


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