About us

A Global Leader Specialized in Device Monetization

Ontronics is a privately-held, minority-owned reverse logistics company and global leader in the secondary mobile device space. We specialize in device monetization through the repairing and remarketing of mobile devices and accessories. We have served more than 2K clients in over 80% of the countries worldwide, and process over 1,000,000 devices per year. Leveraging our nearly 100 years of combined front-to-back wireless industry experience, we create, execute, and deliver maximum ROI on programs and initiatives specific to each client’s needs – both economically and environmentally.


Ontronics. A Lifetime Partner


Ontronics is not only well recognized in the industry as a highly regarded company, but has an exceptional record for quality customer service.


Ontronics is a team of accomplished and knowledgeable supply chain and logistics professionals committed to providing reliable, responsible, and sustainable solutions.


At Ontronics, our words, actions, and decisions combine as a consistent whole. We do not make promises we are unable to fulfill. We honor all our promises and commitments regardless of the circumstances.


Path to Excellence

Ontronics is committed to excellence as a responsible consumer electronics recycler. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for our family of employees and clients, while protecting the environment through our go green initiatives. These activities are foundational to our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of all our business partners. To ensure our services are performed according to the most current standards, we partner with an independent safety and environmental consulting firm to perform regular auditing of our facilities.

Our certifications include the following:

Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS) Rev. 2016
The Sustainable Electronics Reuse & Recycling (R2) Standard v3

Our membership affliations include:


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